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Velener Textil

“Waste-free textile production”

Velener Textil

Waste is inevitable in any industrial textile process, and up to 30% of the yarns used in weaving and knitting factories remain unused on cones; weavers and knitters ultimately have to pay for their disposal or waste management.

 Using the Wecycled system, Velener Textil GmbH, Velen/Germany, collects cones from partner factories and separates the unused cotton yarn from the paper tubes in special institutions for the disabled, which meet the highest requirements for occupational safety and environmental protection. This results in 2 materials: the paper tube for paper recycling and cotton yarn for Wecycled. Furthermore, cut edges and cut waste from weaving and knitting are also collected and recycled. The company has developed a sophisticated process to recycle the recovered cotton into new yarns without any chemicals and pollutants, using only mechanical technology.
As Wecycled fibers are shorter in length, they are blended with original raw cotton to meet the requirements for color fastness, strength and other properties in high quality consumer goods.
Commercial applications are, for example, the manufacture of bed linen and knitwear.
This Wecycled system is closer than ever to waste-free textile production and contributes to sustainable textile production with a traceable process.

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