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Weighted blankets release endorphins

(Source: TherapieDecken)
(Source: TherapieDecken)

Those who suffer from psychosomatic problems such as insomnia, anxiety and depressive moods often have to seek first aid in the form of medication. A supposedly simple therapeutic aid can provide quick relief with the help of gravity: the weighted blanket. The constant pressure on the body activates deep-seated skin receptors that lead to the release of the body's own feel-good hormones – endorphins.

Until a few years ago, the special blankets were considered a niche product, mainly used in the neuropsychiatric field, especially for autism spectrum disorders. 8 years ago, children's educator and TherapieDecken founder Urszula Krzyzanowska had her first heavy blanket sewn to provide therapeutic support for an autistic boy. Today, TherapieDecken also offers products for the mainstream.

The therapy blankets weigh up to 12 kg and are handmade with sustainable materials in the EU. The breathable covers are made of either 100% organic cotton or a soft cotton blend. Depending on the model, the weight is created by fine glass beads or stainless steel balls that are incorporated into the ticking.

Behind is the Polish company Senso-Rex, which was founded in 2013 by Urszula Krzyzanowska, her daughter Justyna Goliszek and son-in-law Mateusz Goliszek. With around 450 employees, Senso-Rex now produces and sells therapeutic aids – from weighted blankets to weighted robes – worldwide.


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