Textilausrüstung Pfand: Finishing of technica...
Textilausrüstung Pfand

Finishing of technical textiles

Ellen Liebner
Clipping machine
Clipping machine

The product range of Textilausrüstung Pfand GmbH, Lengenfeld/Germany, considers the broad requirements which customers place on a finishing company as a significant part of the textile production chain. These are reflected through a strong ecological awareness, high quality standards and norm conformity, as well as the desire of multifunctional finishing and the realization of many production steps as a complete service.

One of the novelties of the company is presented by the modern reverse slitter for the opening of circular knitted fabrics of different fiber materials. Together with further new aggregates, it sets the company in a position to extend their portfolio to circular knitted fabrics especially for technical applications.  
As well as machines and plats for the finishing of special embroideries, a state-of-the-art clipping machine for opening the longitudinal oriented pile yarns of warp-knitted and woven fabrics enables the preparation of fabrics for the following shearing process.

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