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Responsible production using closed production cycles


Closing the textile cycle and thus minimizing environmental pollution: With this approach, the manufacturer of membranes and functional materials Sympatex Technologies GmbH, Unterföhring/Germany, aims to counteract an accumulation of old textiles, intensive use of chemicals and extensive water pollution.

At the international fair for sporting goods Ispo Munich, form January 26-29, 2020 in Munich/Germany, Sympatex presents another result of this policy: an upcycled functional jacket made from 30% recycled textiles and 70% recycled PET bottles.
The 3-layer, high-performance jacket rEvolution Hybrid is the result of the European industry partnership wear2wear, founded in 2017, which in the meantime has grown to 9 core members and 3 technology partners with the aim of rapidly closing the textile loop. This outdoor jacket offers high wearing comfort and also EN 343-certified rain protection. Inspection of the sustainable and skin-friendly rEvolution Hybrid jacket is carried out by Oeko-Tex and bluesign in line with the stringent Standard 100.
The Design2Recycle concept that was developed for the rEvolution Hybrid is based on a selection of low-seam cuts of materials that are as pure-grade as possible, in combination with unmixed ingredients and environmentally-compatible equipment and dyes that do not affect the recycling process.
Using an integrated RFID chip, all wear2wear products are traceable and transparent for the consumer and the process partner.
Sympatex plans to obtain at least half of the raw material required for its functional laminates from the circular textile cycle within 5 years and even 100% by 2030. The first laminates made from recycled textile material should be available in 2020.

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