Stahl: Blockchain-based collaborations to dri...

Blockchain-based collaborations to drive transparency

(Source: Stahl Group)
(Source: Stahl Group)

An important step toward enabling end-to-end supply chain visibility has been taken by Stahl Group, Waalwijk/Netherlands, by actively engaging with external partners on blockchain readiness and implementation. As a first stage, Stahl has collaborated with Krahn Chemie Deutschland GmbH, Hamburg/Germany, an independent chemical distributor, to certify key raw materials from the point of origin onward. In the coming months, Stahl will encourage more partners to scale up blockchain readiness across its network and beyond. Following an internal pilot of blockchain-based traceability system by Finboot Tech SL, Barcelona/Spain, Stahl is now launching a proof of concept with external suppliers.

Among other solutions, blockchain technology enables the creation of immutable digital records that ensure traceability, authenticity, and data security across the chain of custody. This step enables the traceability of key raw materials throughout the supply chain, from the point of origin to finished product.


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