Nonwovenn: Acoustic tissue and activated carb...

Acoustic tissue and activated carbon products


The manufacturer of technical nonwoven fabrics, Nonwovenn, Bridgwater/UK, offers a wide range of thermal bonded, chemical bonded and needle punch options, with weights from 18-600 g, encompassing viscose, polyester, polypropylene, polyamide and super adsorbent fibers.

The technology provides a combination of physical attributes and allows for selection of manufacture based upon customer requirements derived from cross lay or parallel laid production.
In addition to carding, thermal and chemical bonding, the company offers a range of downstream added value processes. These include lamination, impregnation with flame retardant chemicals, oleophobic/hydrophilic treatments, application of heat reactive adhesive powders and a dye-house for meeting bespoke customer requirements.
Nonwovenn manufactures a specifically designed acoustic tissue with flame retardant requirements and very good noise reduction performance.  This product offer includes hotmelt coated options, for customers who prefer to laminate through internal reactivation, or uncoated for those manufacturers who prefer to coat internally. The products can be slit width reels or conversion into pre-cut panels. A VOC certificate is available.
In another area of activity, the company has manufactured activated carbon products for over 50 years.  End uses include CBRN clothing, water purification, air filtration and face masks.  
The face mask range offers options for molded/cup design and flat masks using either impregnation or spray processes for the application of carbon.  The activated carbon base is derived from coconut shell, with a CTC ( carbon tetra chloride) level of 120%, 1 g of carbon has a surface area of 1,200 m² and 6 g could cover the center court at Wimbledon!  The carbon based face masks offer protection from volatile organic compounds and acid gas challenges. To supplement the activated carbon base, laminated filtration layers and flame retardant inhibitors, offering mask manufacturers and users, higher levels of performance including FFP3 are also on offer. The product portfolio includes lightweight options and heavier weight products depending on the application and challenge gases present.

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