Myant: First commercial scale run of devices ...

First commercial scale run of devices for Skiin

Myant Inc.

The textile computing company Myant Inc., Toronto/Canada, has partnered with URtech Manufacturing Inc., Toronto, provider of electronics manufacturing services, to produce the first commercial scale run of electronic components for Skiin, Myant’s textile-based solution for connecting people to care. By partnering with another Toronto-based company, Myant is creating a local ecosystem to accelerate innovation in textile. Manufacturing of the first production run of 15,000 Skiin Pods has commenced at URtech’s facility.

Textile computing involves the integration of electronics within textiles, creating new ways for people to interface with the digital world. Commercial scale applications of textile computing, such as the clothes made by Skiin that can measure wellbeing, are made possible only through collaboration between designers, engineers, textile specialists, electronics manufacturers, health practitioners, and other experts. Even in the rare instances when such expertise is available within the same organization, the teams and the infrastructure needed to support their work are typically disconnected and scattered across the globe, making rapid iteration and innovation practically impossible.
Myant has worked over the past decade to develop the end-to-end capability to innovate in textile computing. URtech brings a long track record of reliable EMS and OEM manufacturing experience. Both Myant and URtech are ISO 13485 certified for the manufacturing of medical devices.

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