Mehler: Adhesive based on lignin

Adhesive based on lignin

(Source: Mehler)
(Source: Mehler)

Solutions are searched for the increased requirements and restrictions on the market to replace the chemicals formaldehyde and resorcinol which are included in RFL treatments that were established on the market over decades. As an alternative to established RFL (Resorcinol Formaldehyde Latex) treatments, the adhesives MSA – MehlerSustainAdhesive are based on the organic biopolymer lignin and a latex component. For the treatment from technical textiles producer Mehler Engineered Products GmbH, Fulda/Germany, the ingredients are extracted from the renewable raw material wood, obtained CO2 neutrally and fully sustainable. MSA can be applied for all mechanical rubber goods (MRG) for both automotive and industrial applications.

Thanks to the decreased consumption of sensitive chemicals, the environmental footprint is significantly reduced. Mehler still offers conventional RFL treatments but maintains an intense focus on environmentally friendly initiatives like the MSA solution. MSA is applicable for both engineered yarns and fabrics.


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