Madeira: Highly conductive threads for machin...

Highly conductive threads for machine embroidery


Textile applications today are much more than just their shape and color. Therefore, alongside decorative and special threads, Madeira Garnfabrik Rudolf Schmidt KG, Freiburg/Germany, supplies technical threads for the production of smart textiles.

The field of technical applications for threads is constantly growing, requiring intelligent products at the interface between textiles and electrical engineering.
The highly conductive thread HC is optimized for use on industrial embroidery machines but also suitable for other forms of applications. HC is light, flexible and highly conductive, thanks to its 100% silver coating. Currently, threads with a resistance of 100 and 300 Ohm/m, which can be reduced or increased according to requirements, are on offer.
Almost every industry has applications where the use of technical threads offers new opportunities. In particular, HC threads can be used for textile circuitry, sensors or actuators in healthcare, sports, automotive, workwear and fashion. Moreover, embroidered circuitry is one of the few technologies which can be applied once the garment has been manufactured, and where the circuit geometry can be designed completely freely.

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