Lenzing: Smart solutions from botanic origins

Smart solutions from botanic origins

Lenzing AG

At the Techtextil, Lenzing Group, Lenzing/Austria, will introduce Lenzing as the specialty industrial brand which provides smart solutions from botanic origins that are made in environmentally sound production processes. The brand covers a broad range of industrial applications ranging from agriculture to engineered products, packaging to protective wear and workwear.

Annually, about 8 million tons of plastics end up in the ocean. Product developers at Lenzing AG developed wood-based cellulosic fibers (Lenzing Lyocell) for the construction of ropes and nets for use as supports for the breeding of marine cultures.
The company initiated a project in collaboration with the Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI), Chemnitz/Germany, and FIUM GmbH & Co. KG (Institute for Fish & Environment), Rostock/Germany, in order to develop a sustainable solution for aquatic farming. After harvesting and processing, the Lenzing Lyocell-based nets can be left in the water to harmlessly decompose. The development of wood based mussel nets leads to a significant reduction of the annual plastic quantity in the marine environment.
Lenzing Lyocell and Modal fibers contribute to the natural comfort of apparel in a wide variety of working environments. Beside the environmental advantages, the special physical properties of each fiber cater to the diverse needs of different occupations. The efficient dye uptake and the smooth surface, leads to very good color brilliance which remain even after several wash and dry cycles.
Lenzing FR fibers are inherently flame-resistant cellulosic fibers based on the Lenzing Modal production process. They are commonly blended with other fibers – particularly aramids – to produce a variety of flame-resistant fabrics engineered to protect against a range of specific hazards. Correctly engineered, these fabric blends offer protection and a significant reduction of heat stress in hot climatic regions, largely owing to the unique features of the Lenzing FR fiber, which enable it to contribute both protective qualities and enhanced comfort. Blends are designed to provide the optimum balance between functionality and comfort in applicable working conditions for different user groups and different end user exposure levels.

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