Lectra: Fabric zero-buffer cutting solution f...

Fabric zero-buffer cutting solution for automotive interiors


New solutions for the mass production of fabric car seats and interiors have been launched by the supplier of integrated technology solutions for textile and flexible materials Lectra SA, Paris/France.

The latest additions to the already-extensive Vector Automotive fabric cutting machine range, the iP6 and iP9, combine cutting equipment innovation with an optimized software application and specially designed consumables to enable automotive suppliers to achieve zero-buffer cutting on a very wide variety of automotive materials.
Constant, real-time control of the cutting equipment is integral to Vector Automotive iP6 and iP9’s ultraprecise cutting. Sensors on the cutting-head camera detect stress and instantly adapt cutting parameters. The new algorithm, an add-on to the equipment software pilot, manages common lines in real time for the greatest possible accuracy while cutting parameters are continually adjusted to the blade’s dimensions.
In addition to substantially reducing material consumption, there are also lower consumable replacement costs and increased cutting time. Just as with materials, the new solutions enable an equivalent gain in paper and plastic films for each 1 mm reduction in buffer. Improvements in the bristle block, sharpening band and blade lifespans reduce maintenance time by half, thereby drastically increasing machine availability. Both solutions come with Vector Dashboard, a cloud-based application to monitor the equipment through daily key performance indicators.


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