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Interdisciplinary research projects

Innovative complex braided yarn constructions for the reinforcement of carbon composite components
Innovative complex braided yarn constructions for the reinforcement of carbon composite components

The Institute of Textile Machinery and High Performance Material Technology (ITM) at TU Dresden will be presenting its research activities at the Techtextil and Texprocess by showcasing a range of interdisciplinary, industry-spanning projects.

Novel complex braided yarn constructions

At the ITM, innovative complex braided yarn constructions are currently being developed and applied for e.g. the reinforcement of carbon composite components, medical applications (implants, stents), gas and liquid filters, thermal and electrical elements. These yarns are manufactured using a flexible braiding machine from Herzog GmbH, Oldenburg/Germany, and will be presented for the first time at the Techtextil. The machine with up to 32 bobbins enables blade speeds of up to 200 rpm and 24 pneumatically driven turnouts and allows for the flexible online modification of bobbin paths. Future developments include bobbin adjustments for the gentle processing of high-performance fibers (carbon, metal, etc.) and braided structures for the medical sector. First, novel complex concepts for braided yarn constructions are established based on TexMind software; subsequently, they are implemented using the flexible braiding machine to create 3D models of the desired braided constructions. Thus, the course has been set towards creating various braided structures for different fields of application.

Tailored carbon fibers

The “Research Center Carbon Fibers Saxony (RCCF)” at TU Dresden is a joint research initiative in the area of tailored carbon fibers for future-oriented functional and structural materials. At the Techtextil, the entire process chain will be introduced, from the production of precursor fibers using a wet spinning process established at the ITM to subsequent stabilization, and finally, carbonization. Due to their extraordinary degree of purity, carbon fibers are well-suited for the aerospace and automotive industries.

Simulation of textile high-performance materials

Another highlight of the presentation will be the variety of possibilities offered by the structure and process simulation of textile high-performance materials and textile manufacturing processes. At the ITM, intensive research is being carried out on the modeling of structures and processes along the entire textile chain. By means of multi-scale modeling and simulation, a deep understanding of material and processes is achieved. For this purpose, models based on the finite element method (FEM) are developed and experimentally validated on the micro, meso and macro scale for textile structures such as woven fabrics, braids, knitted fabrics, and nonwovens. The simulation of processes thus provides requirement-adapted textile constructions for subsequent structural analyses and the further development of textile semi-finished products. In the field of plastics reinforced with high-performance fibers, FEM models for the forming of semi-finished products in tools as well as structural analyses on the micro scale are being developed. These generated models are then used in the areas of fiber-reinforced plastics, filter and medical textiles, textile-reinforced concrete, and textile membranes.

Further research activities at the ITM with regard to technical textile are focused on the fields of machinery, technology and product development (fiber composite materials, construction textiles, textile architecture, medical and bio-textiles, sensor network and functional textiles, ready-made products and preforming) and include, among others, the processing of fiber-based high-tech materials, e.g. carbon, glass, aramid, steel, and ceramic, with a variety of different technologies, and the functionally integrated development of textile (semi-finished) products. This type of interdisciplinary activity demands the development of innovative fiber and hybrid yarn constructions, 2D and 3D reinforcing semi-finished products, finishing, and functionalization technologies as well as according machinery.
Additional recent research results of the chair of ready-made technology at the ITM will be offered at the parallel Texprocess 2019.

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