Gumotex : From protective clothing to inflata...

From protective clothing to inflatable boats with coated fabrics

Drop-stitch process
Drop-stitch process

From coated fabrics, a wide range of products is possible to be produced from work and protective wear, through to hoses for trenchless sanation of sewer lines in the civil engineering and up to inflatable boats.

The latest novelty in the rubber and coatings portfolio of Gumotex coating, s.r.o., Breclav/Czech Republic, which will be presented at the Techtextil, is the unique patented coating technology of drop-stitch materials that are widely used in the sports industry for the manufacture of stand-up paddle boards (SUP).
Coated fabrics, single-sided or double-sided surface treatments of substrate textile materials, can be used in a wide range of areas, such as work and protective clothing, in various industrial applications, in the food industry or in civil engineering. The coating can result in a wide range of treatments – hydrophobic, oil repellent, fireproof, insect repellent, acid resistant etc.
Cotton, polyester, polyamide, glass fiber or combinations thereof are the most commonly used substrate materials of coated fabrics. The substrate is then coated with a polymer (most often polyvinylchloride or polyurethane), a rubber compound, TPE or even – recently developed - with a silicone. Gumotex coating’s technological capabilities make it possible to apply thin coatings and impregnations on the substrate textiles from as thin as 2 g/m2 to heavy multi-layer coatings. The width of the treated material, the appearance of its surface, the length of the winding and the packaging can be adapted to the individual needs of the customer. If necessary, the material can be tested in an accredited laboratory which issues a test report or certificate. The process of designing, developing, manufacturing and selling of surface treated materials is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
One of the latest successful innovations in the field of coated textiles is the unique coating technology of drop-stitch materials, which the company developed itself and has had patented. Drop-stitch is a textile whose top and bottom fabric layers are joined by thousands of polyester fibers. The uniqueness of the technology is that the proven material Nitrilon can be combined with the popular drop-stitch material. The coating technology has been redesigned so that the materials used respect the attitudes of the company towards the ecology and nature. Therefore PVC is not used but a rubber compound to produce the drop-stitch material. This material is, thanks to its 9 layers, very resistant and, additionally, easy to repair. Just in technologies, such as drop-stich, the company sees great potential for developing other interesting products for their portfolio. A good example, how this material is used, is the inflatable boat Thaya which was awarded the first place in its category by the expert jury at the international paddling sports fair Paddleexpo in Nuremberg/Germany.


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