FibrXL: Bio-based high-performance fiber

Bio-based high-performance fiber


To create a more sustainable future in the technical textile industry and to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within 10 years, the supplier of fibers FibrXL Almere/Netherlands, has introduced the first bio-based ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber, a bio-based

Dyneema fiber manufactured by DSM Protective Materials LLC, Greenville, NC/USA, as of October 2020. For the production of the new bio-based UHMWPE Dyneema fiber, a by-product from the wood pulp industry is used as a sustainable resource to produce renewable ethylene feedstock. Based on the mass balance approach, the bio-based fiber is manufactured in such a way that the final product is identical to the fossil-based yarn. Bio-based Dyneema fiber will help customers further reduce their carbon footprint while continuing to rely on the same established performance. In August 2020, FibrXL organized a hackathon that marked the start of their ambitious approach towards a brighter and greener future called Project Helix. Together with industry partners covering the complete value chain from yarn spinners, manufacturers, logistic partners, recycling companies and related authorities they shared experiences, insights and visions to jointly shape the future conditions to stay successful in business.


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