Carrington: Hi-Vis flame retardant fabric

Hi-Vis flame retardant fabric

Abrasion-resistant, multifunctional Flameban protective fabrics for demanding rail network work
Abrasion-resistant, multifunctional Flameban protective fabrics for demanding rail network work

Inherent flame retardant fabrics in Hi-Vis orange are an innovation developed by Carrington Textiles Ltd., Adlington/UK. Initially developed for the British rail industry, they have since become established in other sectors as well.

Flame retardant fabrics - alongside high visibility fabrics - have long been one of the company’s core competences. The company is also one of the leading manufacturers of textiles for workwear, weather protection and the defense sector. The fabrics offer safety in poor visibility conditions, provide protection from electrostatic discharges, welding beads, arc faults, chemical splashing, acids, heat, cold, bacteria, mosquitoes and much more besides.

Railway standard driving innovation

With the combination of inherent, aramid-based flame retardancy and high visibility in fluorescent orange, Carrington Textiles has come up with genuine innovations for multifunctional protective clothing. Flameban Max 310 has been designed to meet the requirements of Network Rail, the UK rail infrastructure management company, which wanted a combination of highly visible orange and flame retardancy. The Flameban Max series complies with these requirements and is certified according to ISO EN 20471 and EN 11612, thus also meeting the latest Rail Industry Standard RIS-3279-TOM. Thanks to their durability, comfort and breathability characteristics, the fabrics are now also being used in other industries such as oil, gas and utilities.

Lightness, comfort and protection

British railway operators want a lightweight protective fabric that meets the required standards even with a basis weight of only 310 g/m². This combination as reflecting seems to be a general trend. Technical fabrics that feature different protective properties but simultaneously maximize employees’ well-being are being sought. These properties include comfort and appearance, lightness and breathability, while longevity and high durability are also required. Flameban Max 310 fabrics meet these requirements, offering multiple protections, while being capable of withstanding the high temperatures of industrial laundry operations. Furthermore, it is offered with a range of stock supported contrast trims including royal blue, navy, grey and black.

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