Autoneum: New textile wheelhouse

New textile wheelhouse


The automotive supplier Autoneum Management AG, Winterthur/Switzerland, has launched a new lightweight component that reduces tire noise substantially.

The textile wheelhouse Alpha-Liner ensures a quiet driving experience and also helps vehicle manufacturers meet current and future noise and emission limits.
Alpha-Liner is based on Autoneum’s newly developed technology, with which noise absorption can be adapted to the specific requirements of the vehicle model for the first time. To achieve this effect, a thin coated surface is applied on the tire side. The porosity of the coating can then be controlled according to the necessary absorption properties, which maximizes acoustic absorption.
Acoustic absorption is decisive, as external or pass-by noise in particular is increasingly regulated in Europe and Japan, but also in China. From 2024, newly registered vehicles in the European Union will be allowed to generate a maximum of 68 dB of external noise, a challenge for manufacturers and suppliers alike in light of the current threshold of 72 dB and already highly acoustically optimized cars.

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