Arvind: JV for construction industry material...

JV for construction industry materials


The textile manufacturer Arvind Ltd., Ahmedabad/India, has entered into a joint venture (JV) with laminated composite panel producer Polser AS, Izmir/Turkey, for manufacturing corrugated and plain fiberglass sheets to serve the construction industry in India and overseas. The JV combines Polser’s technological know-how with the manufacturing capabilities of Arvind’s Advanced Materials Division (AMD).

The new entity, Arvind Polser Reinforced Composite Panels Ltd. (APRCP), will have a 60:40 equity participation from Arvind and Polser, respectively, and the manufacturing facility will be set up at Ahmedabad.
Through this joint venture, Arvind and Polser aim to provide next generation materials to the construction industry by replacing traditional metals like steel, wood and asphalt shingles. APRCP will also be highly beneficial for food preparation, pharmaceutical, and medical settings where sanitary and highly cleanable walls are required. The panels will be typically half the cost of ceramic tiles and would be easier to keep clean. The panels will also serve as construction material for cooling towers, agriculture and livestock, hygiene, hospitality, and automotive industry.
Composite sheets offer long life, high strength-to-weight ratio and formability, which make them ideal for use in many different applications.

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