AMAC/MaruHachi: High-temperature thermoplasti...

High-temperature thermoplastic tapes for aerospace


With the recently installed high-temperature unidirectional tape line, composites manufacturer MaruHachi Group, Fukui/Japan, has new opportunities for producing high-end applications in demanding market segments like aerospace, automotive or others, outperforming traditional materials based on PP and PA. Since 2017, MaruHachi Group is active in the European market in cooperation with AMAC GmbH (Advanced Materials and Consultancy), Aachen/Germany.

In the first phase, MaruHachi will produce up to 40 tons/year and focuses now specifically on high-temperature thermoplastic unidirectional (UD) tapes and multi-layer sheet laminates. The material is based on high-performance fibers like carbon, aramid, glass or natural fibers and the matrix can be high-performance polymers like PPS, PEEK or other higher temperature polymers, which are much tougher than epoxies and easy to recycle. With a width of 500 mm, a specific weight from 60-350 g/m2, depending on the chosen material, the lines can operate under temperatures up to 420°C. Working under these extremely high temperatures allows for better material properties of the final application, higher performance, increased resistance and integrated high-performance functionalities.

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