1st Dornbirn-GFC Startup-Days: Urban green in...
1st Dornbirn-GFC Startup-Days

Urban green infrastructure

Breath Earth Collective

New integrated smart skin solutions were developed to support an urban green infrastructure.

The startup Breath Earth Collective, Graz/Austria, invented the product concept City Forest Textiles for climate-positive architectures.
Breath Earth Collective was formed to research and generate solutions by combining the built environment with the concept of nature. The startup is involved in international projects and prototype development in urban and architectural scale to enable climate-positive architecture and create green interior and public spaces. Breath Earth Collective works in a transdisciplinary way, focusing on non-hierarchical collaboration across disciplines.
From September 11-12, 2019 the 1st Dornbirn GFC Startup Days took place during the 58th Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress (Dornbirn GFC) in Dornbirn/Austria under the motto “Come and see where Startups meet Industry, Research and Brands”. Supported by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), about 20 international startups presented their innovations in the areas of smart fibers, smart applications, smart sportstech & outdoor and smart sustainability & circular economy. Further startups are presented on www.techtextrends.com.

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