PrimaLoft : New product category with a mix ...

New product category with a mix of warmth and breathability

PrimaLoft Next

The manufacturer of insulation materials and functional textiles, PrimaLoft Inc., Latham, NY/USA, has introduced PrimaLoft Next, an innovative product category that combines the thermal advantages of insulation with the versatility of functional materials.

The PrimaLoft Next Evolve series is the first product family within this platform and will be presented at the OutDoor by Ispo trade fair in Munich/Germany from June 30 - July 3, 2019. PrimaLoft also welcomes Schöffel, the first partner to launch products with PrimaLoft Next from summer 2020.
The new product range is modelled on nature, imitating the properties of animal skins. The materials consist of fibers of different lengths and thicknesses to create natural highs and lows. This results in very open structures that maximize air flow during movement and optimally enclose air at rest for very good thermal performance. The result is a thermoregulatory system that behaves like multiple layers of clothing, but without additional layers. The products are much more resistant to fiber migration, which allows more flexibility when combining fabrics with an open structure. In addition, there are no requirements regarding quilting. This allows experimentation with colors, textures and silhouettes. Alongside the combination with shell and liner fabrics, next-to-skin or stand-alone applications are also possible.

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