Kraig Biocraft: Construction of research lab...
Kraig Biocraft

Construction of research laboratory in Vietnam completed

Kraig Biocraft

The producer of genetically engineered spider silk-based fibers Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc., Ann Arbor, MI/USA, has completed construction of its new biotech research laboratory in Vietnam.

The new laboratory suite is located within the company’s recombinant spider silk production facility in Quang Nam and consists of 11 separate labs. These new labs are a key piece of the company’s spider silk commercialization program and were part of the, now complete, renovation efforts at the Prodigy Textiles factory, the company’s wholly owned subsidiary and production arm.
The new laboratory suite was built to support production ramp up and will serve as a testing and quality control facility for the commercialization of the company’s recombinant spider silk technologies. To ensure compliance with regulations, related to genetically modified technologies, it was built to the design and specification of the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST). The labs are intended for the development of future innovations in spider silk fibers and products to complement the existing technologies, which are now moving to commercialization.

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