ITA : SARES Award to Prof. Thomas Gries

SARES Award to Prof. Thomas Gries

(Source: ITA)
(Source: ITA)

The ongoing contribution of Prof. Thomas Gries and the Institut für Textiltechnik to the digitization and biotransformation of the textile sector, as well as the Institute as a place of innovation for sustainable aviation has been awarded. On November 27, 2021, the Scientific Award for International Sustainable Aviation and Energy Society (SARES Award) was given to Prof.Thomas Gries from the Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University, Aachen/Germany. The award ceremony took place during the closing ceremony of the International Symposium on Sustainable Aviation (ISSA) in a hybrid format online and simultaneously at Kasetsart University, Bangkok/Thailand.
The aviation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Due to this fact and its importance for society and the global economy, it needs to make special efforts towards sustainability. The ISSA, an international multi-disciplinary symposium, aims to address current issues in aviation such as improving aircraft fuel efficiency, promoting the use of biofuels, minimizing environmental impact, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and reducing engine and aircraft noise.
On example of the innovative research is the development of 3D braided ceramic matrix composite components for aircraft engines, which were researched together with partners in a Horizon 2020 project (EU project AllOxITD). The ongoing Chrysomallos research project as another example, funded under the national aeronautics research program in Germany, aims to develop a completely new and sustainable high-performance insulator for aircraft cabins based on aerogels. These have a lower weight than the glass fiber mats used up to now, while providing the same insulation performance, and solve the problem of the previously high manufacturing costs of aerogels. The aim of the project is to develop an insulation material with reduced density (reduction of more than 20 %). To this end, a new type of insulation material based on aerogel is to be developed. The basis is an aerogel fleece (0.06 W/mK at 28 kg/m³), which has already been developed as part of a dissertation at the ITA (Mroszczok, J.: 2019).

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