Interview with David Capdevila, The Lycra Com...
Interview with David Capdevila, The Lycra Company

One size fits more

David Capdevila, Product Marketing & Merchandising Manager (Source: The Lycra Company)
David Capdevila, Product Marketing & Merchandising Manager (Source: The Lycra Company)

The new stretch fiber Lycra Adaptiv, just launched by The Lycra Company, gives garments a better fit and allows it to adapt well to individual body shapes, even during movement – and also if the figure changes or the weight fluctuates.

What was the motivation behind the development of Lycra Adaptive fibers?
The Lycra Company innovates and produces fiber and technology solutions for the apparel and personal care industries that are market back. One of the value creation potential opportunities was to develop a fiber that would make garments more versatile – from work to leisure to social, and also from season to season and year to year…. We wanted to respond to a consumer need for garments that can adapt to their individual needs and lifestyle as well as ones that can adapt to their unique body type, even when their body size or shape may change or fluctuate.

How is the extraordinary stretch effect achieved?
This revolutionary patent pending Lycra fiber is made with a polymer that proactively adapts its unique chemistry to our functional needs: at rest, the polymer adapts its compressive force to deliver the right fit, shape and control … then when we move and our needs change, the polymer again adapts its compressive modulus in a way that delivers what’s needed: improved comfort in motion, inclusive sizing, second skin effect, better stay-in-place.

This fiber should allow garments to have a better fit for various lifestyles, movements and different body types. What should I imagine the sensation of the garment to be like? In what size range do the clothes with Lycra Adaptiv fit?
The garment should move with you providing total comfort in motion, while delivering the performance you need such as flattering fit or the right level of compression for an active life. Garments of a given size (no matter which size) will deliver on one-size-fits-more.

At the moment, every new development, every new product should also be sustainable and environmentally friendly. What is particularly sustainable about the new fiber?
This is a fiber that is C2C certified. In addition, due to its characteristic of potential reduction of SKUs, and allowing inclusive size and shape this leads to potential reduction of retail risks of garment returns. As garments would deliver a comfortable fit on each body and shape, they would become wearers’ favorites so they would take more care and would last longer, reducing potential disposal on landfills.

Performance and sustainability – can both points be reconciled in the new fibers?
Yes, it is with this mindset that we are bringing new market-back products and innovations in commerce.

Can these new fibers and the finished materials be processed on standard production machines?
Yes, the new Lycra Adaptiv fiber can be used and processed in using standard processes and machinery.

Lycra Adaptiv – trademark of The Lycra Company
The interview was conducted by Mechthild Maas, editor of TextileTechnology, with David Capdevila, Product Marketing & Merchandising Manager, The Lycra Company, Wilmington, DE/USA.


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