Interview with Cindy McNaull, Invista: Inspir...
Interview with Cindy McNaull, Invista

Inspired by iconic utility silhouettes

Cindy McNaull (Source: Invista/Cordura)
Cindy McNaull (Source: Invista/Cordura)

The Techtextil and Texprocess are finally taking place in person in Frankfurt/Germany, what do you hope/expect from this fair?
The Cordura brand team is excited about the opportunity to connect and re-connect in person with peers and supply chain partners after the two challenging years we have all experienced. Our industry is relatively small, so it will feel a bit like a family reunion.
This year marks our 55th Cordura brand anniversary, and we look forward to highlighting our latest advanced fabric innovations along with our Cordura Fabric Finder (CFF) on-line sampling tool.

What will you present at the Techtextil?
C.F. Weber, our long-standing Cordura brand authorized mill partner will be the first to debut European manufactured Cordura re/cor Recycled PA 66 (RN66). Suitable for both workwear and gear, these C.F. Weber developments were produced in Germany and will be launched initially in black and in three different weave types.
Inspired by iconic utility silhouettes from the past, such as workwear overalls from the Gold Rush era, Americana inspired cowboy classics, smart casuals, and vintage tactical, we will also be featuring the latest Sapphire Finishing Mills Ltd. and Cordura Advanced Fabrics capsule collection that explores the versatility of Cordura NYCO Fabrics re-imagined for today’s urban living and crossover lifestyles.   With a focus on comfortable, hard-wearing garments with long-lasting performance, the portfolio comprises over 20 different Cordura NYCO Fabrics using a broad range of weaves (canvases, twills, rip stops), weights (180 to 350 GSM) and finishes (mechanical and chemical including wax coating, DWR, insect repellent and more).
And brand new, we will showcase the new generation of Schöffel PRO work pants made with Cordura Naturalle Fabric. Recently, Schöffel became the first company in the outdoor clothing industry to enter the workwear market with a new subsidiary, Schöffel PRO GmbH. For the highly functional, tough and customizable new work pants in the launch collection, the company uses Cordura Naturalle Fabric. These fabrics offer a natural, cotton-like look and feel, yet are durable and long-lasting.
For different working conditions and purposes, the new premium work pants are available in 3 different models. Product names such as “all-weather talent"/"workaholic"/"machine" provide information about the function and the field of application. All 3 work pant models have in common that they are reinforced for increased durability with Cordura Naturalle Fabric on the knee/bottom sections, lower back and leg ends and pocket openings and offer individual and quick adjustment options.

At the moment, every new development, every new product should also be sustainable and environmentally friendly. What is your approach to a greener world?
Innovation is at the core of what Cordura truly is.  We make it a priority to continually bring new ideas and products to our mill, brand, and retail partners. As the world evolves, we know a large piece of that will fall within stewardship and sustainability, and we are putting this philosophy at the forefront of our efforts. At Cordura Advanced Fabrics, we believe that “Sustainability Begins With Products That Last.”
With our latest ESG focused innovation – Cordura re/cor RN 66 – we are urging the industry to ‘Expect More, Waste Less.’  In terms of quantifiable benefits versus virgin PA 66 fiber, the production of Cordura re/cor RN66 fiber produces 83% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, consumes 82% less energy and uses 57% less water.  Cordura re/cor RN66 fiber is made from 100% pre-consumer material and is 100% GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified.

What are the biggest challenges for the textile industry in times of pandemic and war in Europe?
One key collective industry challenge revolves around supply chain disruptions and the resulting need for more near-shore and shorter lead time manufacturing capabilities.
The pandemic has given us a chance to reset and rebuild something better than before. Experimentation, agility and entrepreneurial thinking are core values of Invista and the Cordura brand and we have a continued focus on developing future-proof transformative tools.
Trend indicators suggest that because of the pandemic, consumers are valuing longevity. They also have a heightened awareness of the value of protection. This mindset when shopping aligns nicely with our long-standing mantra of creating durable heritage products that will stand the test of time. We are living in extraordinary times, and Cordura Advanced Fabrics help set you up for whatever life throws at you by providing a durable layer of protection to help you confidently push the envelope and yourself.

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re/cor, Naturalle, Sustainability Begins With Products That Last = trademarks
The interview was conducted by our TextileTechnology team with Cindy McNaull, Cordura Business Development Director, of Invista S.à.r.l. Wichita, KS/USA.

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