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Claudia van Bonn
Claudia van Bonn

The very challenging last few months and the exciting times ahead have, of course, also prompted us to tread new paths and again rethink our current offerings. How and where can we reach you, our reader, most quickly and effectively? What information would you like to receive and in what way? Are there sensible alternatives to obtaining information at trade fairs and conferences?

 Extensive research and market observations have now led us to develop an umbrella brand concept, which I would like to present briefly to you here.

Our trade media group consists of the trade journals Chemical Fibers International (CFI), melliand International (MI), Technical Textiles / Technische Textilien (TT), nonwovensTRENDS (nwT), melliand Textilberichte (MTB), and melliand China. In addition, we also had 3 online portals until mid-April 2021. This included fortnightly newsletters on the topics of technical textiles and nonwovens as well as a monthly German newsletter for subscribers to melliand Textilberichte. Every 2 years we publish the Trendbook Technical Textiles, which is always oriented towards the current trend topics that are the big issues of the industry.

The new umbrella brand concept now bundles all these trade media under the TextileTechnology brand – the trade journals remain independent, the online presences all converge at www.textiletechnology.net.

Our new online platform is divided into the sections Fibers, Textile Technology, Technical Textiles, Nonwovens and melliand, and thus covers the entire value chain. Readers who have registered for the free newsletter will receive it in their online mailbox 4 times a week. For German-speaking users, there is the melliand section, where we will continue to publish German-language news – but not separated by department. The German MTB newsletter will continue to be sent to MTB subscribers.

Making people more successful in their profession and their business – that is what the dfv media group in Frankfurt/Germany sees as its central task – with us you are up close: to the people, the topics and industry developments. The publishing house has stood for independent quality journalism and has developed from a classic specialist publisher into a broadly positioned media company. As an independent specialist media company, we work objectively and determine for ourselves where we are heading, what we say or write and how we act. Our economic and journalistic autonomy makes us free from content-related and political influences. This independence benefits our readers and advertising customers.

For more than a century now, our trade magazine melliand Textilberichte has been providing information on new developments in the textile industry – making the magazine the world's most rich in tradition textile technical journal! Textile technology has developed into a highly innovative branch of science with a wide range of application areas including vehicle construction, civil engineering and aerospace technology. Also – the focus should be on the future: Where are textile technology and the textile industry heading, and what visions are our trade media following today? We are witnessing the megatrend of digitalization, which is fundamentally changing the textile industry and brings with it both new risks and new opportunities.

Digitalized automation technology is currently changing the production of textiles at a rapid pace, and new areas of application are emerging: “Smart textiles” combine textile and digital technologies and are proving to be a driving force behind innovations in medical technology, among other areas. The rapid digital change increases the need for orientation and classification of events: quality journalism is in demand. Today, our current journals are the reliable print magazines for forward-looking scientific papers and provide information on developments in the textile industry and textile machinery engineering. They address technical and commercial high-level personnel in the textile industry with contributions from all areas of the textile industry, supplemented by current articles from the universities and institutes, the federations and associations. The megatrend digitalization is also changing reading behavior – in a flood of information there is often little time for reading longer articles, so a competent selection of articles by expert journalists is crucial. We above all see the possibilities of digitalization and have founded a new platform: textiletechnology.net. The platform bundles information, technical innovations, market developments and reports from research and industry.

The second megatrend of our time, apart from digitalization, is of course globalization. We consistently focus our attention on global developments and their local consequences for companies.

After more than 100 years of quality journalism, we understand our textile technology media as the information platform for the digital and global future of the textile industry.
Claudia van Bonn
Textile Technical Publications
dfv media group

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