Sandler: Continued growth in 2021

Continued growth in 2021

Dr. Christian Heinrich Sandler (Source: Sandler)
Dr. Christian Heinrich Sandler (Source: Sandler)

Sandler was able to increase sales by 11% to €365 million in 2021. The growth rate is mainly attributable to the capacity expansion at the American site of the subsidiary Sandler Nonwoven Corporation in Perry, GA/USA, and there was also double-digit sales growth in technical products. The number of employees also increased in 2021 and now stands at 990. However, the outlook for fiscal 2022 is cautious due to the expected further price explosion for raw materials and energy.
The consequences of the corona pandemic changed the market and the market environment over the past 2 years. Businesses that had been growing over many years have stalled, and supply chains have been turned upside down. There have also been supply bottlenecks worldwide, longer delivery times and price increases for almost all goods and services.
For the nonwovens manufacturer Sandler AG, Schwarzenbach/Germany, however, environmental protection and sustainability remain fixed, relevant constants in the corporate strategy. The company consistently pursues the goal of further reducing its ecological footprint.
Especially in view of the ever increasing challenges, Sandler continues to focus on providing its junior employees with good training, and training and developing the established staff even further.
Digitalization was also driven forward last year. Sandler already kicked off the program "Fit for Future" 4 years ago. Among other things, the introduction of a standardized ERP software has made an important contribution. It helps to optimize new processes and enhance organizational structures.
»In early January, we still hoped that the lessening of the turmoil surrounding the corona pandemic would bring not only our industry back to calmer waters. However, the belligerent attack on Ukraine, geopolitical uncertainty and the continued increase in energy costs are clouding the waters again in terms of our outlook. At the same time, we are seeing our long-term strategy of consistently focusing on diversification in terms of technologies and industries, and the establishment of an additional company location, confirmed. «
Dr. Christian Heinrich Sandler, CEO, Sandler AG

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