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High-strength synthetic nonwovens with 10% recycling content

High-strength PP nonwoven fabric, (Source: Pure Loop)
High-strength PP nonwoven fabric, (Source: Pure Loop)

In-house recycling is already widespread. However, recyclates cannot always be used in the production of high-strength polypropylene (PP) nonwovens.
Mechanically bonded continuous fiber nonwovens made from specially UV-stabilized PP are often used in blanket form as barriers, screens and filters, and their strength extends the service life of construction projects. Applications include road construction, or as barrier on glaciers or against weeds.
At TenCate Geosynthetics Austria, a company of Solmax International Inc., Varennes/Canada, highly tear resistant PP nonwovens are produced at the site in Linz/Austria. The edge trimmings and production rejects generated during manufacturing used to be recycled at the Linz site, but not fed back into the company's own production process. With the ISEC evo recycling line from Pure Loop, a subsidiary of the EREMA Group GmbH, Ansfelden/Austria, particularly gentle processing is now possible. Different plastics can be processed on the Integrated Shredder Extruder Combination, Evolution (ISEC). Another advantage of Pure Loop technology is also the flexibility in which form the production rejects can be delivered for processing. At TenCate, the production rejects are delivered, among other things, as huge rolls up to 5 m wide.
The ifeed technology with double feed ram system and single-shaft shredder offers good conditions for direct processing of these large rolls, without the need for prior preparation of the input material by employees before the material is fed into the recycling process. With the ISEC evo recycling machine TenCate can now manufacture its high-strength PP nonwoven product with a recyclate content of up to 10%.

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