Optima: Packaging for a sustainable future

Packaging for a sustainable future

(Source: Optima)
(Source: Optima)

Hygiene products demand plastic packaging in order to ensure maximum product protection in areas with very high humidity. Optima developed a sleeve bag with the aim of using a recyclable packaging.
PE bags are often made of composite material and are printed, making them hard to recycle. But there are other alternatives.
100 % recyclable sleeve packaging consists of an unprinted mono-polyethylene (PE) bag and a printed paper insert, or a PE insert as an alternative. When the transparent PE bag is recycled, high-quality recycled material is produced, from which PE bags can be made again in line with the cradle-to-cradle principle.
Optima packaging group GmbH, Schwäbisch-Hall/Germany recommend that paper be used as the insert material. Very effective bleaching technologies have been used in paper for a long time now. This means that after recycling, the paper fibers used can be reused as packaging material. In this type of packaging, paper and PE are not glued together. This enables them to be easily separated by the consumer or by extant sorting technology.
The inlay is inserted into the packaging process inline. This means that this step can be integrated into existing packaging processes. New machinery is not required, and this also contributes to resource-efficient production. This also enables maximum flexibility for design changes, such as personalized imprints when using inline printers.

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