Ontex : Diaper with advanced absorption

Diaper with advanced absorption

(Source: Ontex)
(Source: Ontex)

The next generation diaper core by Ontex is extra thin and breathable, combined with advanced absorption. It keeps the baby’s skin protected and ensures absorption even under the tough conditions, with extensive baby motion.
Babies tend to sweat more than adults, but their skin is much thinner. This makes baby skin prone to rashes and irritations. The Climaflex technology enables heat to transfer across the full surface of the diaper which ensures breathability and heat regulation, keeping the baby’s skin dry and fresh. Diapers with the Climaflex technology have a dual-layer core in which one layer quickly attracts liquid and a second layer locks it in a fast way and securely even in tough conditions, when the baby moves a lot. The diaper channel has been designed to deal with those areas where liquid absorption and distribution is most needed. From the central pee points onwards, liquid can quickly access, and is distributed through the branches of the channeled core which offers instant and long-lasting dryness.
(Source: Ontex)
(Source: Ontex)

Climaflex is the next generation baby diaper core technology developed by engineers of Ontex Group NV, Erembodegem/Belgium, and Ontex’s R&D team in Germany. This new technology is first launched under Ontex’s Little Big Change brand in 6 European countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands) and will be rolled out across retailer diaper brands.

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