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Filter media solutions for clean air and corona test kits

Source: Neenah
Source: Neenah

In a world where polluted air, virus particles and bacteria are part of our daily lives, protection is important. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and air purifier filters play a key role in providing clean indoor air. A high-quality filter media is essential for the effectiveness of a filter element.

Neenah Filtration, a business unit of Neenah Gessner GmbH, Bruckmühl/Germany, offers the filter media portfolio NeenahPure covering efficiencies from ePM10 50% to ePM1 80% (ISO 16890) and M5-F9 (EN779:2012). The highly charged materials reach efficiencies > 99.9% (KCL, 0.3µm, 5.3cm/s). NeenahPure filter media are available for pleatable and bag filter elements.

Besides the standard portfolio the company provides tailor-made solutions. NeenahPure media avoids harmful fiber shedding, has a very high dust holding capacity (DHC), a good pressure loss and efficiency ratio, a very high mechanical stability, and flame retardancy.

Furthermore, the company provides an important basis for Medical Test Strips. The Craneglas material is a very thin hydrophilic material with superior wicking and uniform surface quality making it ideal for this application. It is not only used in the Covid “quick test”, but has also been used in HIV & pregnancy test for a number of years.

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