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Technologies and innovative adhesive solutions

 (Source: H.B. Fuller)
(Source: H.B. Fuller)

Environmental awareness is increasingly a reality and a major global trend. What started mainly as a differentiation effort by start-ups in the industry has now become a global mission for brand owners in the hygiene industry.
Imagine Greener, featuring the latest product innovations from H.B. Fuller Deutschland GmbH, Lüneburg/Germany, including high-performance adhesive solutions for more challenging natural substrates and adhesives with more bio-based ingredients, aims to improve the carbon footprint.  
Discover cleaner from H.B. Fuller, with proven expertise and global capabilities, helps hygiene product manufacturers meet the increasing demand from consumers and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for ingredient transparency and safety. The ultimate goal is to help manufacturers deliver safe hygiene products that meet or exceed the industry's Substance of Interest (SOI) limits.
Deliver Leaner, with a range of innovative adhesive and service solutions that increase production line efficiency and enable a leaner manufacturing process for greater productivity, will also be featured. Information will be provided on an innovative packaging solution for wetness indicator products, adhesives with higher performance, lower application temperature and an automated filling system to optimize adhesive handling.

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