GKD : Expanded offer for fiberglass mats

Expanded offer for fiberglass mats

(Source: GKD)
(Source: GKD)

In fiberglass mat production evenness and cross stability of the metal belts is very important. GKD now also offers impregnating belts and supplies belts for the core processes of fiberglass mat production from a single source.

Impregnation belts have a decisive impact on the efficiency of the production process and the quality of the end product. Parameters such as the size of the mesh opening, number of contact points, and type of weave are major contributors to the success of the process. Based on market surveys, Gebr. Kufferath AG (GKD), Düren/Germany, developed 3 different types of belts for impregnation processes. With their different sized mesh openings, they cover the entire range of requirements: type 1780 (8/6.1 threads/cm), type 1830 (9.2/7.5 threads/cm), and type 1865 (11/9 threads/cm).

Depending on the customer specification for the length and thickness of the glass fibers used, individual binder composition, process, and end product, GKD selects the ideal belt from this range together with the customer.

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