Dilo: Renewed order for nonwovens line for FR...

Renewed order for nonwovens line for FRP components

(Source: DiloGroup)
(Source: DiloGroup)

With the recovery of the automotive sector, there is now renewed investment in the production of glass fiber-reinforced thermo-bonded structural parts for automotive interiors. The DiloGroup, Erbach/Germany, has again received an order for a complete web-forming and needling line to process blends of glass and polypropylene (PP) fiber from Zhejiang Huajiang Science and Technology Co., Ltd, China. The line includes fiber preparation as well as web formation, from carding, web laying and needling.

The fiber preparation system from DiloTemafa is adapted to the special requirements for processing glass fiber in an efficient way and to provide homogeneous blends with PP. The component-dependent “Baltromix” blending system using high-precision weighing pans provides accurately dosed fiber material on the collecting apron, which is further opened and blended in a carding willow. This carding willow is used in most of DiloGroup complete line installations as a successful tool for further opening and blending tasks, in many cases together with a smaller chamber for final blending.

In many installations DiloTemafa also provides the recycling of quality fiber derived from the whole process which is sucked off at many stations in the fiber preparation and web-forming system in order to save fiber material. Installations for fiber transport and for fiber recycling within a line together with re-opened edge trim material from a needling station and for dedusting the machines by a drum filter or bag filter station can be specifically engineered and designed by DiloGroup air system engineering department.

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