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Brückner @ Index23

Dryers, thermofusion and heat-setting ovens

Supra Flow BX double-belt thermofusion oven (Source: Brückner)
Supra Flow BX double-belt thermofusion oven (Source: Brückner)

In the last years the manufacturer of textile machinery Brückner has realized some challenging projects in the nonwovens industry. These include lines for the heat-setting of geotextiles, finishing lines for nonwovens in the medical technology as well as thermofusion lines for the bonding of voluminous nonwovens for the furniture industry.
At this year's nonwovens exhibition, Index23, in Geneva/Switzerland from April 18-21, 2023, Brückner will not only provide information about its well-known delivery program which includes almost all types of dryers, thermofusion and heat-setting ovens with mainly convective heat transfer, but also about the latest trends in machinery technology and the related process technology.
The continuous further development of the processes and the associated line technology plays a decisive role for the company. The basis of each line from Brückner Textile Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, Leonberg/Germany, is the technologically best possible line configuration, which is always individually tailored to the customer and his needs. For this purpose, customers and interested potential customers can carry out tests in Brückner’s Technology Center at any time. Heat-setting, thermofusion, coating, laminating, drying and finishing tests can be carried out on 2 lines in production scale.
In order to provide even better support in the future, especially for customers in the nonwovens production sector, a flow-through belt oven was added to the range of test machines at the Brückner Technology Center at the beginning of the year.
This is a small and compact thermo treatment line which, due to its short length, is suitable to also simulate fast running processes with short dwell times at moderate test speeds. The electrically heated unit is equipped with all relevant sensors for measuring the local system pressures, the air volumes, the air temperatures, the material surface temperature and the process air humidity.

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