Asahi Kasei: Nonwovens certified marine biode...
Asahi Kasei

Nonwovens certified marine biodegradable

(Source: Asahi Kasei)
(Source: Asahi Kasei)

The sustainable nonwovens Bemliese from Asahi Kasei has been certified as “OK biodegradable Marine” by TÜV Austria Belgium, Kraainem/Belgium, due to its biodegradability in water. Prior to this, the material had already obtained certifications for industrial compost, home compost and soil biodegradability.

Bemliese is a nonwovens sheet made from cotton linter – tiny hair-like fibers on cotton seeds. Asahi Kasei Europe GmbH, Düsseldorf/Germany, has developed a clean proprietary process for treating this linter to produce sheets that can be integrated in a wide range of product designs. When dry, it leaves virtually no lint, scratches, or chemicals on the surfaces it touches, making it a good material for cleaning equipment in industrial, laboratory, or medical environments. Its high purity keeps the material free from excess oils or chemicals. It also has a higher rate of absorbency than cotton gauze, rayon/PET, or nonwoven cotton.

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