Andritz: New batt forming line for Prativero

New batt forming line for Prativero

Source: Andritz
Source: Andritz

For the production of Maliwatt products, the international technology group Andritz, has received an order from Pratrivero s.p.a. to supply a new eXcelle batt forming line for their production facilities in Valdilana/Italy.

The batt forming line by Andritz AG, Graz/Austria, includes an eXcelle card and eXcelle crosslapper, a ProDyn web profiling correction system as well as a scanning gauge with a closed loop. The ProDyn system combines actions from the card doffers with dynamic speed variation at the crosslapper. This will result in fiber savings and reduction in CV%, providing improved weight evenness in the final product. The ProDyn closed loop will ensure a good self-regulation for the equipment. Pratrivero will be the world’s first company to use the ProDyn technology in the Maliwatt stitchbonding process.

Stitchbond is a nonwoven process made by mechanically interlocking fiber webs with continuous filaments, thus imitating textiles. Stitchbonded products are used in furnishing, automotive, naval, medical, geotextiles, advertising, clothing, and packaging applications.

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