Ahlstrom-Munksjö: Platform of high-performanc...

Platform of high-performance filtration materials for electric vehicles

Source: Ahlstom-Munksjö
Source: Ahlstom-Munksjö

Cabin air quality is an increasingly important factor in the design of the new generations of electric vehicles. FiltEV from fiber-based materials solution supplier Ahlstrom-Munksjö Oy, Helsinki/Finland, delivers a reliable range of high-performance media for cabin air filters in electric vehicles.

By filtering particles, microorganisms and harmful gases, air filters create a healthier cabin environment and improve the driving comfort. The particulate portfolio protects against coarse, fine and ultra-fine particles, including bacteria and viruses. The carbon portfolio combines removal of particles and gases for an increased level of protection and comfort. The benefits include reliable filtration efficiency, optimal gas adsorption and good converting performance.

The high-performance filtration media for cooling air and liquids, guarantees a smooth and safe operation of the thermal management unit. It prevents wear of the fan and clogging of the system, and also has a proprietary full synthetic 3-layer media with a wide range of efficiency covering most cooling oil filtration requirements.

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