Texas Tech: Decontamination wipe finds new us...
Texas Tech

Decontamination wipe finds new use helping animals

Texas Tech

Anyone with a dog knows what happens when the animal gets wet: the big shake that throws water all over everyone and everything nearby. But what happens if the dog is covered in something more hazardous than water?

It also gets thrown all over everyone and everything nearby.
A decontamination wipe from Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX/USA, to clean up toxic agents, FiberTect was conceived for military applications but has since expanded into oil spills and, now, animal operations. It provides a better solution than the diluted-dish-soap-and-water method currently used to clean animals, which is messy, distressing to the animals – even in warm weather, let alone the freezing temperatures of winter – and leaves a huge amount of contaminated water to dispose of.
As with all decontamination, speed is key. FiberTect can be immediately deployed to animal owners to easily decontaminate their own service animals, working dogs or companion pets. Because it is intrinsically safe and intuitive to use, it requires no prior training to effectively perform bulk decontamination.
With its flexible design, FiberTect is made in large format pads, perforated rolls and sewn into mitts allowing for a growing list of uses

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