Technical Absorbents at the Index 2020: Fabri...
Technical Absorbents at the Index 2020

Fabrics made of super absorbent fibers

The UK-based Technical Absorbents Ltd. (TAL), Grimsby, will present a new range of superabsorbent fabrics at the Index in Geneva/Switzerland, that provide a higher gel strength when wetted. The focus at the exhibition will be the portfolio of fabrics made of super absorbent fibers (SAF).

High gel strength (HGS) SAF fabrics are a new range from the company that incorporate more robust HGS fibers. The fibers have been developed to allow the design and manufacture of materials that offer greater integrity and robustness in more demanding absorbent applications.
HGS SAF fabrics can only be bought from TAL – it does not sell the HGS SAF fibers commercially.
The fibers are manufactured in-house and can be integrated into needlefelt and thermo-carded fabrics for added durability. They provide decreased levels of absorbency compared to standard SAF fibers but still high absorbency compared to other available technologies. Resulting fabrics will also absorb less but in certain applications this can be beneficial, e.g. in some washable applications the fabrics durability is more important that its ability to absorb large volumes of liquid.
A number of HGS SAF nonwovens have already been developed to aid the sampling process for prospective customers. TAL can then manufacture bespoke fabrics containing HGS fibers to meet customers’ specific requirements.

SAF = trademark

Technical Absorbents at the Index 2020: Stand 1118

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