Suominen : Novel material for face mask appli...

Novel material for face mask applications


The nonwovens producer Suominen Corp, Helsinki/Finland, has developed a nonwovens material for the manufacturing of face mask applications.

The new nonwovens have passed European Standard EN 14683:2019 Type II requirements in terms of filtration efficiency and pressure drop.

Fibrella Shield nonwoven has excellent filtration efficiency and pressure drop values meaning that the material provides protection while being comfortable and easy to breathe through. Fibrella Shield nonwoven’s filtration efficiency is higher than 99 % reaching type II requirements but the material can also be used for lighter model Type I masks or uncertified masks.

Fibrella Shield is already in production at Suominen’s plant in Nakkila/Finland. Currently the plant is capable of producing material for approximately 15 million masks per month.





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