Suominen: 100% plant-based wipes

100% plant-based wipes


Global environmental concerns, such as climate change and marine plastic pollution, are creating new market expectations and demand for sustainable nonwovens.

 To meet the growing demand in sustainable, plastic-free wipes, the nonwovens producer Suominen Corp., Helsinki/Finland, has launched Biolace Pure for wipes, nonwovens made of biodegradable, compostable, and renewable plant-based fibers and wood pulp from certified forests. The Biolace Pure wipe material is a 3-layer solution that guarantees optimal liquid management. The soft outer layers ensure that the wipe cleans effectively and softly. Compared e.g. to 100% viscose product for wipes, Biolace Pure brings high cleaning power with a lighter carbon footprint and a lower environmental impact.


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