Sukano: Masterbatches tested and confirmed ef...

Masterbatches tested and confirmed effective against Covid-19


The new high-performance Antiviral Masterbatch from the producer of masterbatches, Sukano AG, Schindelingen/Switzerland, protects surfaces from acting as a transmitter of the corona virus. The product is suitable for environments that require with highest hygiene and sanitary standards, such as the medical, hospitality, sports and events industries.

The company has now run extensive tests against SARS-Cov-2 in an external laboratory specialized in microbiological testing. The results confirmed the effectiveness of the masterbatches - within the first 30 minutes and achievement of up to 99.9 % reduction on an fabrics item’s surface and a reduction up to 99.98 % within 2 hours.
Sukano’s Antiviral Masterbatches work by directly integrating an antiviral additive into the polymer, using proprietary formulation and technology, eliminating the need for secondary processing steps. This helps reduces waste and energy, saving natural resources. The Antiviral Masterbatch allows the final product to remain fully recyclable without a loss in performance, contributing to the common goal of a circular economy. The technology is very efficient and remains present and effective throughout the life of the product. The antibacterial efficacy was tested and remained after up to 200 washing cycles at 40°C. All this is possible without impacting the fibers’ physical properties or yellowing.

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