Schwing: Thermal cleaning to ensure nonwovens...

Thermal cleaning to ensure nonwovens production in times of Covid-19


Production lines for nonwovens are running at full speed in order to meet the need of masks as well as surgical or protective gowns. Diligent cleaning of machine components and returning them to the production process quickly is therefore crucial.

The manufacturer of thermal cleaning systems, Schwing Technologies GmbH, Neukirchen-Vluyn/Germany, offers cleaning services for machine parts like spin packs, spinnerets up to 6 meters long or melt-blown and spun bond dies. The entire process, which takes about 8-12 hours, includes several cleaning steps: These imply thermal polymer removal as well as subsequent high-pressure and ultrasonic cleaning. The final drying phase is followed by a final inspection. In addition to a thermal vacuum pyrolysis system, the company uses other post-treatment equipment. This includes a new two-side sound system, which can process even large machine swiftly.

These services are available at the company headquarters in Neukirchen-Vluyn. Swing collects contaminated tooling and returns the clean components to customers throughout Germany and neighboring countries

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