STFI at the Index 2020: Recycling intelligent...
STFI at the Index 2020

Recycling intelligent textiles

STFI, Wolfgang Schmidt
Smart textile recycling
Smart textile recycling

With regard to the expected boom in smart textiles, the Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI), Chemnitz/Germany, is turning its attention to the recycling of smart textiles. In many cases these smart textiles contain metallic fibers, electrically conductive filaments or even switching elements that require new approaches for the recycling process.

 The Center of Excellence in Nonwovens will present the first promising research results at the Index 20, which will now take place from October 20-23, 2020 in Geneva/Switzerland. Another focus of STFI presentations at the fair is the institute's recently upgraded spunbond nonwovens line. The Reicofil 4.5 line has been upgraded to the latest Reicofil 5.0 standard. In addition, novel textile hinge-joints for boat and motorhome constructions as well as innerspring pockets for pocket spring mattresses made of bio-based spunbond nonwovens and lately developed CFRP components based on recycled carbon fibers will be shown.

STFI at the Index 2020: Stand 1369

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