Palas: Protective mask testing device for mor...

Protective mask testing device for more safety


The current spread of the new corona virus CoVid-19 is leading to a massive increase in demand for respiratory masks worldwide. Manufacturers of filter media and respiratory masks are increasing their production capacities to the maximum. However, reliable protection is only offered by masks that have undergone special tests during production.

The manufacturer of testing equipment, Palas GmbH, Karlsruhe/Germany, has introduced the newly developed respiratory mask filter test rig PMFT 1000 which enables both quality assurance in production and product improvement in the development department.
A special advantage of the PFMT 1000 compared to other filter test rigs is the exact representation of the separation per size class of the particles. Regarding the effectiveness of the breathing masks for the corona virus, which is only 120-160 nm small, such an exact measurement of the particle size distribution is essential.

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