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Oerlikon Nonwoven

50 million protective masks made in Germany

Oerlikon Nonwoven

From autumn 2020, up to 50 million masks of protection classes FFP1 to FFP3 will be produced and sold in Germany each month for the European market.

The 2 newly founded companies FleeceforEurope GmbH, Düsseldorf/Germany, and Lindenpartner, ein Angebot der Bechinger & Heymann Holding GmbH, Berlin/Germany, primary will focus on quality.
These virus-absorbing nonwovens will be manufactured by the new venture FleeceforEurope in Germany using an Oerlikon Nonwoven meltblown system of the technology group Oerlikon Management AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland.
With the masks, protection against infections such as corona virus can only be guaranteed with the right quality. On the one hand, this relates to how the masks are made. On the other hand, it is above all about what is inside. Because the nonwovens used in protection class FFP1 through FFP3 respiratory masks plays a decisive role.
The electrostatic charging ensures that even the smallest particles, and therefore also viruses, are drawn in and absorbed by the nonwovens fabric for several hours. As a result of the comparatively loose formation of the fibers, the wearer can nevertheless breathe in and out easily.
Those responsible at Oerlikon Nonwoven and FleeceforEurope, which will primarily focus on producing high-end nonwovens, and Lindenpartner, which will manufacture and distribute the protective masks, are certain of one thing: the market for protective masks has a very promising long-term future in Europe. What has been commonplace in Asia for many years now will also become normal in Europe. People will be increasingly wearing face masks when venturing out, in order to better protect themselves against health risks such as the current pandemic and also against increasing environ-mental pollution in the form of fine particles and exhaust fumes in the future.

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