Mondi: Nonwovens alternative for face masks s...

Nonwovens alternative for face masks straps

Mondi Group

The packaging and paper company Mondi Group, Vienna/Austria, has converted a production line at its Gronau plant in Germany to manufacture soft, elastic straps. These nonwoven straps can be used for protective face masks.

This plant usually focuses on making materials used in hygiene products such baby diapers, adult incontinence pads and feminine care items. However, one manufacturing line is now rearranged to produce a three-layer, laminated strap that binds a stretchable plastic film between layers of soft nonwovens material. This elastic material is able to replace a rubberized band that holds the mask to the face. This material can be produced at a higher operational speed compared to rubber. It is therefore enabling mask producers to operate at a higher volume and to meet the growing demand.
Mondi also operates a plant in Taicang/China, which laminates film made in Gronau to make nonwovens hygiene products similar to those manufactured in Germany. The company was therefore able to meet orders for mask straps from customers in China since the corona virus epidemic first broke out. Demand is now growing for more of such supplies from customers across Europe, prompting the Gronau plant to increase production of this material.

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