Mahlo: Quality assurance of medical products

Quality assurance of medical products


Manufacturers of medical goods are currently under pressure to deliver their goods as quickly as possible, but still with high quality. The manufacturer of measuring, control and automation systems Mahlo GmbH & Co. KG, Saal a.d. Donau/Germany, supports manufacturers in monitoring and controlling important parameters during the production process.

Weight and thickness have a great influence on the functionality of nonwovens. The Gravimat DFI sensor is part of the modular Qualiscan QMS quality measurement system and measures weight and material thickness using isotope radiation. The measurement is based on the attenuation of radioactivity by the substrate in the measuring gap. This weakening of the intensity is a measure of the basis weight of the goods. Mahlo works with different isotope variants in order to do justice to different material properties. Krypton-85 is used for goods with a weight between 10 and 1,400 g/m², strontium-90 is used for 100 – 6,000 g/m².
This method also solves problems faced by manufacturers of web-shaped goods such as hygiene fleece: measurement inaccuracies due to fabric flutter. Its sensor technology makes the Gravimat DFI immune to changes in the center of gravity. It measures precisely and is unaffected by any changes in degree of dryness, density or thickness.

Donau Germany

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