Lydall: Investment in new fine fiber meltblow...

Investment in new fine fiber meltblown production line


The manufacturer of specialty engineered products Lydall, Inc., Manchester, CT/USA, has announced an investment in an additional fine fiber meltblown asset in response to the exponential increase in domestic and global demand of specialty filtration media for face masks.

This new production line will enable Lydall – one of the few American manufacturers capable of producing high-quality fine fiber meltblown filtration media for N95, surgical and medical face masks – to significantly increase its supply and help alleviate the shortage of meltblown materials, both in the USA and internationally.
The new asset will complement the company’s existing global meltblown capacity and is estimated to supply the filtration media for 1 billion face masks per year, almost a third of the 3.5 billion that the US Department of Health and Human Services has projected as necessary to protect healthcare workers. Lydall expects commercial production to begin in its Rochester, NH/USA, facility in the 4th quarter (Q4) of 2020, and plans to hire up to 15 additional employees to support the increase in production.
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