Lenzing AG at the Index 2020: Fibers of botan...
Lenzing AG at the Index 2020

Fibers of botanic origin

At this year’s Index, Lenzing AG, Lenzing/Austria, is fully dedicated to the topic of sustainability. Veocel branded fibers of botanic origin are sourced from the renewable raw material wood. More than 99 % of the wood and pulp resources meet the criteria of proven certification models. In a sustainable production process, pulp is converted into cellulose fibers with high resource efficiency and low environmental impact.
Hygiene products and wipes made of Veocel fibers combine advanced performance, comfort and sustainability for everyday use.
Within a few weeks the fibers fully biodegrade in fresh and salt water, soil and compost. Thus, Veocel fibers help to significantly reduce plastic waste in the environment and oceans.

Lenzing AG at the Index 2020: Stand 2319

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